Digital services to elevate luxury brands

As a luxury digital marketing consultancy, we’re fortunate that we’re not limited to the confines of a traditional agency. For example, we don’t have teams of traditional skills waiting for projects to land. Instead we work with senior consultants who have been in the luxury marketing space for many years and are experts in their area of specialty. 

From branding, proposition, and creative development through to website builds, CRM programmes, and media strategies across all channels, while understanding and developing the right data and analytics to inform our management decisions. As a consultancy, we are able to offer our luxury clients a full spectrum of digital services but in a way that suits the direct needs of the client.

We knit together the right overarching strategy to align all the channels needed for a client’s particular project. For some, this may be a one-off project to help fix a particular problem, for others, it could be an ongoing project to help improve value and/or meet an internal skills shortage.

One of the key benefits of this structure for our clients, is that – as a minimum – we drive a 40% efficiency compared to a traditional agency setup. Clients also receive an unbiased approach to delivery as we are agnostic about our suppliers and will only give the best advice for the brand.

Choosing an experienced luxury digital marketing consultancy provides a broader range of skills, at a senior level, offering full service digital delivery, while driving greater cost efficiencies compared with a traditional digital team.

We’d love to hear about your digital marketing requirements. Talk to us to learn how our approach can benefit your luxury brand.

Management & Delivery

At Giant Leap we have more than 50+ consultant partners that make up project teams supporting end-to-end digital delivery for luxury brands. Our British-based consultants have worked with us over the last 20 years on a variety of projects, from large implementations through to smaller projects built around advice and support. You only pay for what you need while benefitting from industry thought-leaders delivering your campaigns.

Strategy and Planning

Strategy and planning are two completely different disciplines that are often mentioned together but seldom truly integrated. To avoid the delays and potential re-work that comes from inadequate planning, our strategic input and planning empowers your team to deliver on defined goals with a clear and easy-to-follow roadmap.

Brand Digital Performance

As a performance agency, we make strategic media decisions to drive the right business goals: buying your media for the right audience, on the right platform, for the right price. We make sure your media is optimised wherever it is delivered, either pushing higher-level brand objectives and pulling in new advocates, or driving hard commercial results by ensuring sales are the heart of your campaign.

Digital First Creative

From social media suites to high-end brand videos, we have the experience to deliver luxury creative solutions aligned to your strategic objectives. From initial conceptualisation, through to planning and final delivery, we ensure the creative meets the needs of the channels they’re designed for.

Data Insights and reporting

How is your audience using your content and your website? Our advanced tracking capability and bespoke reporting dashboards ensure that all stakeholders can access meaningful audience insights and key business metrics as and when required. And in a constantly evolving industry, as new tools and technologies become available, we analyse the potential competitive advantage they could deliver for our clients.


We help our clients to work smarter, rather than harder. Why spend money on media to drive your bottom line when optimisations across your creative, website and CRM programme could drive much stronger returns? We are experts in looking for low-hanging fruit and how you can gain fast results from your current setup. We then work with you to design a longer-term programme of work that will deliver a Giant Leap in your medium-term results.

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