We often find that luxury brands sit behind the curve when it comes to maximising the possibilities of their CRM programmes.

In the FMCG and high street retail, this is a central part of marketing investment. While the outlay is relatively low cost, typical retailers will see CRM make up 40-50% of their digital revenues; it pays significant dividends.

In the luxury space, brands historically haven’t considered this channel with the power it can offer. At Giant Leap, we help to bring this solution to the heart of your digital programme.

We identify novel ways to collect opt-in emails from the start and ensure all our media use this as a central value exchange. That way, even if you’re not driving a brand or performance objective, you still benefit from the opt-in data.

We also look at how you segment your CRM, helping to define different audiences and the content they would be interested in.

We look at your on-boarding and nurturing programmes as well as how you drive increased sales from your most loyal advocates.

All the while considering how your brand resonates, to maintain its exclusivity, building the feeling of a members club that only they and a few others are invited to be a part of.

This offers huge power to luxury brands and an opportunity to gain significant long-term competitive advantage. Whether you’re just starting to consider your email programme or have an advanced CDP in place, we will support and help you to get the most out of your first-party data.

We are pleased to be partnered with Bloomreach, a market leading partner that helps to bring together key data sources through their CDP.  This enables us to connect your email, mobile, web personalisation, media ads and A/B testing all under one roof.  While we will support all tech platforms that our clients own, we know that for brands looking at digital transformation this can help to drive a step change.

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