Luxury copywriting

Ensuring that your luxury brand is expertly executed across all channels, both digital and traditional, starts with developing a consistent tone of voice and robust content strategy for web, social, and PR. This forms the cornerstone for all your brand copy. 

Next, using customer insights and digital data, we’re able to craft optimal content for your luxury audiences for each of the channels they engage with.

We have done this across some of the world’s largest flagship luxury brands both in the UK and US but also across the world, building local content creators in new markets, with a centralised strategy that’s managed and reported from the UK. This includes the Middle East, Asia (Japan, China, and Korea), and European markets (Germany, France, Italy, and Spain).  

Crafting Luxury Copy Requires Specific Skill and Experience

Our teams are experts in developing luxury content. We understand the values and needs of wealth audiences, how they like to be communicated with, and the manner in which they consume content. 

We take this knowledge to help brands elevate their status and exclusivity through our content style and the way in which the narrative is crafted. Crucially, the copy must make the luxury consumer feel valued and part of an exclusive club.  

We also ensure that our content is written with a digital-first approach so that it’s relevant for the right channels: web, social, PR, search, and CRM. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach for the luxury consumer; we strive to deliver copy that helps luxury brands develop a closer 1-2-1 relationship with their community.

Whether you require an overarching content strategy for your luxury brand, specific campaign support, or help to develop optimal content for your digital touchpoints on an ongoing basis, we can deliver a step change for your brand. 

If you would like to find out more about Giant Leap’s luxury copywriting services please get in touch.

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