Luxury PPC Services

We understand how luxury consumers search online and we segment their search behaviour into four categories: Affluent, Wealthy, HNW, and UHNW.


On a global scale, we’ve outlined how to make the best use of PPC budgets by targeting the right consumers in the right geo areas with the right content based on their intent to purchase.

This means we can closely target our wealth consumers and meet their needs around the desirability, exclusivity, pedigree, and history of your brand.


When running luxury PPC campaigns, it’s important to fine-tune conversion rates by ensuring we have strong creative content that’s reflective of your audiences’ needs as well as the right messaging that speaks their language.

We advise brands to stay away from discounting; this devalues luxury, however, you can drive greater exclusivity through rewarding value and frequency of shopping. We work with our clients to look at how best to offer this to their loyal base.


Lastly, we use the right platform for the right region, such as Yahoo (Japan), Yandex (Russia), and Google Ads and Bing (Middle East, Europe, and America).

We also have partners on the ground in China who can help to drive the best impact if you’re looking to expand.


Paid search (PPC) for all audiences needs to go beyond keywords. Of course, keywords are a part of it, but we need to use audience data, first party data, locations, and demographic targeting to ensure our Ads are visible to our targeted wealth audiences. We also look to identify a focused keyword universe to identify HNW audiences from the kind of queries they’re using - utilising longtail keywords to cut through the lower value audiences.

AI is a big part of search engines, both using algorithms in organic search as well as features in paid search, such as Performance Max.


That said, for luxury brands there will always need to be a human element to QAing to ensure high standards are achieved, while also offering detailed optimisation and clear strategic direction. We also need to ensure reporting is demonstrating the true value of the channel. These insights need to be created by humans.

We are a performance agency at heart, so we have extensive experience in the paid search space. Our agency model means we attract the very best talent, both in execution and strategy, to run effective paid search campaigns. That said, due to our broad range of services we really do integrate with other channels to ensure maximum return for our clients.

SEO and PPC do exist in the same space. This is why we always look at the relationship between the two. There’s an incremental traffic increase if you have results in both paid and organic listings. However, the cost of that incremental traffic and subsequent conversions needs to be monitored closely. We see listings for both both brand and non-brand and continually assess the effectiveness of having one, or both, listings present.

Giant Leap Digital is a new breed of paid search agency. We only employ senior consultants who are experts in their given field of expertise: Google, PPC, TikTok, Shopping channel etc.


Our experienced team works efficiently, delivering projects quicker and to a higher standard. While our distributed working practice means we are cost efficient, helping your budget to go further.


Most importantly, our personal approach means we’re always on hand to help you navigate the finer details using our extensive experience of working with luxury brands in the paid search space.

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