Luxury retail

Having worked with some of the biggest names in luxury retail: Harrods, Bloomingdales, De Beers, Neiman Marcus, and Rapha to name but a few, our consultants understand the need for digital growth both in the UK and overseas.

We also understand the needs of wealth audiences and how they like to consume both content and messaging.

Underpinned by strong data and insight, we build highly-targeted digital programmes that meet the needs of Affluent, Wealthy, HNW, and UHNW audiences to deliver revenue and brand objectives.

We build out a targeted approach across publishers, platforms, and partners to locate these audiences globally and bring your messaging to life across our media delivery.

In addition, we continuously innovate and test as new platforms take centre stage, for example, TikTok and the MetaVerse, while others move into decline, for example, Twitter, to understand the impact on the wealth consumer and how this changes behaviour and content consumption.

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