Transforming luxury brands into beautiful digital campaigns

Market intelligence and competitor landscaping

We look holistically at the luxury digital marketing landscape to benchmark you against your competitors, from market share, to investment levels, through to understanding which influencers could deliver best in-class content and give you access to new audiences. We offer best practice and tangible insights that will deliver a Giant Leap in your performance.

Understand your marketing challenges/

We offer a full media review to assess your current activity, and analyse and rate its performance vs your competitors. As an independent luxury digital agency, we take a data-first, unbiased approach to identify the opportunities that’ll drive the right business results. We use this to inform our strategy, building performance from the start, and ensure that we understand and set goals in the step change that can be achieved.

Digital transformation programmes for marketing

Digital transformation programmes always start with in depth research and insights. We then partner with various stakeholders across your luxury business to look across the landscape at what areas of digital you should focus on over the next 3-5 years and bring this to life through a clear and collaborative action plan.

We also consider the technology, digital skills, and business barriers that must be addressed to drive the right long-term vision.

RFP/RFI management

We can support your pitch needs to help you find the right strategic solutions for your business. From scoping out your initial needs through to running and managing the whole RFP process with you.


We deliver branding workshops to help you and your team understand the future of digital and the new technologies and techniques to be aware of for luxury brands. The Metaverse through to TikTok and WeAre8, our consultants are experts in their fields and will offer guidance and leadership to bring you on the journey to shape digital priorities for your teams.

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