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Performance in search engines for luxury brands is so much more than gaining visibility for the right keywords, which, in itself, often carries its own set of rules. If you missed our research into optimised brand search for luxury hotels and the importance of local SEO tactics, you can catch it here.

AI algorithms are looking for exceptional site performance, speedy content delivery, and seamless user experiences; everything high net worth and ultra high net worth audiences expect from luxury brands.

Imagine investing in stunning creative media, only for it to be showcased via slow load times or hosted in an area of your site that doesn’t get high traffic volumes. We see this all too often.

Our SEO offering relies on the latest technology to ensure the backend functionality facilitates the exceptional look, feel, and performance that’s expected of your luxury brand.

Our SEO services


We prioritize fast-loading, content-rich sites for optimal performance with Google. Our 360-point check dives deep into your site’s technical elements, generating a detailed report for your developers. We address issues with page titles, meta descriptions, H1, H2, Alt tags, site speed, site maps, folder structures, subdomains, and language variations to ensure your site sends the right signals to Google for recognition.


Google acts as the gateway to your brand, and a technically sound website ensures a flawless first impression, even before users encounter your brand.

Luxury brands pride themselves on exceptional experiences. Technical SEO eliminates frustrating glitches and slow loading times, ensuring a smooth and satisfying online journey.

With luxury consumers increasingly browsing on mobile devices, a technically optimised website guarantees accessibility and a positive experience across all platforms.

Technical SEO ensures your brand ranks high in relevant search results, bringing the right audience to your virtual doorstep.

While luxury brands often utilise targeted advertising, a strong technical foundation attracts organic traffic, expanding your reach without exorbitant ad spend.

Lightning-fast loading times creates a streamlined, efficient experience, reflecting your brand’s attention to detail.

A seamless experience across all devices, from smartphones to tablets, caters to the modern, on-the-go luxury consumer.

Clear navigation and logical architecture guide users effortlessly, mirroring the meticulousness of your brand identity.

Making your website easily accessible to search engines ensures your audience finds what they’re looking for.

Protecting user data with robust security measures builds trust and reinforces your brand’s commitment to excellence.


Technical SEO is the silent orchestra conducting a seamless online experience that elevates your brand beyond aesthetics.

In the realm of luxury brands, every detail matters.

From the impeccably crafted products to the meticulously curated customer experience, even the invisible workings behind the scenes play a crucial role in crafting an aura of exclusivity and excellence. 



Creating impactful content is fundamental for achieving high performance. We initiate the process with extensive research into the online search behavior of your luxury audience, curating their inquiries, discussions, and pertinent keywords. Subsequently, we prioritize three distinct types of content.

It’s no secret that great content drives maximum performance. 

For us, this starts with in-depth research and a detailed understanding of your luxury audiences’ search behaviour online.  

From here, we build a portfolio of the questions and conversations your HNW audiences are having online around your products and services. And of course, an understanding of the keywords that will resonate with them too. 

We then prioritise the optimal content for your site, based upon three key types:

For key moments that are important to your brand. For example, key products and services, or seasonal spikes in demand such as Christmas or wedding season. We ensure you have the right content, imagery, and videos to support these moments. We also check it’s clearly laid out and has the right supporting content to ensure that your users’ questions, concerns, and enquiries are easily answered. This gives Google the right signals that you’re an authority in this area.

Supporting smaller moments that are still important such as a new store opening or the launch of new products or services. For luxury audiences, we know how they consume content, what resonates with them, the publications they read, and the type of imagery and videos that reflect their values. With clear and easy-to-digest content, we give Google the right signals and supporting content to help your site begin to rank well for your new hub content.

Hygiene content is more reactive, often driven by industry or legislative changes that affect your business operations. While it’s equally well-executed as hero and hub content, this smaller, bite-sized content can be quickly uploaded to your blog as and when needed. We work with you to ensure this content is well-structured and has the right backlinks in and out of your domain.


Google assesses backlinks to determine domain and content authority, understanding your priorities. Over time, irrelevant or broken links can emerge. We address this by disavowing poor-quality backlinks and swiftly rectifying broken, high-quality ones. We also proactively secure new, quality links from complementary sites in your luxury niche. This involves outreach to blogs, news sites, and industry domains, ensuring relevant content in exchange for a backlink to our targeted content. Our main objective is to enhance domain authority and secure a prominent Google listing.

One of the key signals Google looks at to give you the right domain and content authority is your site backlinks (websites that are connected to you). This  gives Google clear signals around what you see as important. 

However, over time, these links can become irrelevant as you grow, or as bots find your site and connect to you. Therefore, we start by cleaning up irrelevant ‘poor quality’ backlinks by disavowing them.

The second step is to find existing good quality links that have become ‘broken’. This might be because the content has moved or the publisher providing the link has changed its site structure. We work quickly to fix these broken links and reinstate the lost authority for your site.

Lastly, we need new, good quality links from different, complementary websites in your luxury field of expertise. This involves us reaching out to blogs, news sites, and industry domains to offer relevant content in return for a link back to the key content we’re looking to promote. 

Unlike traditional PR, we’re not necessarily looking to get the content listed on bigger publisher sites, although sometimes this can be a nice side effect. While this service actually complements traditional PR, our key goal from this activity is to build domain authority and a prominent listing for the hero or hub content on Google.

seo FAQs

SEO is hugely effective for luxury brands because it provides consistent visibility for relevant search engine queries. Our customer-led campaigns match search intent and focus on the queries used by HNW audiences.

Giant Leap is a full service performance agency with experienced luxury consultants who strategise and execute SEO to the highest standard. It helps that one of our co-founders is a thought leader in the SEO world and the other has run the world's largest luxury digital agency.

Search engines are already using AI to assess content and improve the existing search algorithms. Anything that improves the experience of the user will help your brand to rank better and futureproof the visibility of your website. That said, we must always take a customer-led approach.


AI can be used to improve the onsite customer experience, which will impact your SEO performance. When users are more engaged with a site, Google will take this as an indicator of a great experience.


However, SEO opportunities for HNW audiences can’t replace the human touch. AI can’t understand values, style, tone of voice and other soft tangables that make luxury brands stand out from the pack.

We were designed to be ahead of the curve. We’re already challenging the way agencies are built and this philosophy extends through all our services. We attend the major industry conferences and often speak at them. We meet weekly with the team to discuss the latest SEO industry news. We’re continually looking at ways to improve the website experience for the users to show search engines that we not only meet their standards, but exceed them; future-proofing websites for new SEO improvements.

We try to front-load the major SEO work at the beginning of the project, because for us, it makes no sense to drip-feed tasks. Hitting our marks early in the project gives the client more time to benefit from the changes.


Often our investment is lower or the same as a longer-term project but rather than taking 12 months to execute and see slow progress, we get the big changes done in three months and then reap the rewards. In our experience, this has a more tangible impact on SEO and the longer-term commercial gains.

Paid search and SEO have a symbiotic relationship. As a performance agency, we are always looking to make our activity as efficient as possible and take the reliance away from paid activity (where possible) to give it to organic. But equally, we know that improving a page experience with SEO and UX - even if we still need to pay for its visibility - helps to bring down the CPC (cost) of winning the auction for that keyword. Therefore, using both approaches is a win-win arrangement.


But more than this, it’s also search engine best practice. Over the longer-term, your site will naturally gain more authority as you improve the overall user experience; this is rewarded by search engines, helping you to stay head and shoulders above your competition.

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