Luxury Branding

Your brand matters.

Far more than just a logo and colour palette, your brand represents the single most valuable business asset you own; typically 20-25% of your market cap.

Yet all too often, brand is one of the least utilised tools within your marketing mix. Which means your brand may not be working as hard as you think it is, on either a commercial or cultural level.

Put simply, you may be missing chances to engage with and inspire your customers, in every interaction and across every touchpoint. And that’s where we can help.

We’ve worked with many of the world’s most recognisable luxury brands, to help better define, architect, and activate their brands, for the most important audiences, both inside and outside of the organisation.

Our brand services

Ensuring your values and employer value proposition speak clearly and in a way that show both employees – and equally importantly, talent – why your organisation is the best place for them to be.

Having worked with some of the world’s leading luxury brands (including Richemont, Kerring, Las Vegas Sands, and IHG/Intercontinental to name just a handful), our brand experts know how to develop and enhance world class brands to speak to HNW audiences.

More than just logos and colour palettes, we develop distinctive, attractive, and engaging brands identities that look and feel consistent across every channel, touch point and interaction.

We showcase your brand in distinctive and creative ways through a combination of brand activation and experiences, to ensure you stay front of mind in the battle for customer attention and preference.

Branding FAQs

Our senior brand team have been in the luxury space for many years. Using our experience, we get under the skin of your luxury brand to understand its essence, personality, and values. Of course, a thorough review of your competitor landscape is another essential component that allows us to carve out a unique position for your luxury brand and drive stronger visibility among your cohort.

Your brand narrative must tap into the heart of your consumer. This doesn’t necessarily mean pushing your brand, product, or service. Rather, we must understand how the luxury consumer feels. What are their values, and how can your brand support or solve their issues, desires, or wants?

This approach helps to align your luxury brand with your consumers’ values, beliefs, and vision; you become very much a part of their ‘pack’.

From a digital perspective, we look at three key elements to develop a premium customer experience.

Firstly, visual identity with matching luggage. This means that everything our customer touches should look and feel premium across all their online experiences, including the website, social, apps, and media consumption etc.

Secondly, narrative. This ensures that we are talking the same language as our luxury cohorts. This matters in terms of tone of voice but also the pillars of content we choose to engage with. History, exclusivity, craftsmanship, uniqueness. Just some of the areas wealth audiences feel reflect their values.

Thirdly, innovation. The experience should be compelling and visionary. We look at gamification of stories, building dynamic content and videos, and exploring new technology such as the metaverse to help explain your products and services.

While it's not imperative due to the cost implications, we do like to explore building stories with our clients using short snackable videos. These work well across all digital channels, but especially websites and social media.


We have a full video production team to develop the creative idea right through to shooting the footage and pulling together the content in post production.

For luxury brands, ensuring you're pushing the right visual idea in the right format to tell a compelling story, is key for wealth audiences.

Using higher engagement formats such as video means your content is shared more and lasts longer across your campaign before it needs a refresh.

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