Private members clubs

The renaissance in private members clubs has been driven by a change in taste and attitudes, somewhat helped along by the pandemic, shifting both working and socialising habits.

But wider than this, over the last 15 years, there are now an additional 1m contractors in the UK needing boltholes in the city alongside the city executives seeking exclusive venues to entertain clients and gain privacy away from the office.

As the landscape for private members clubs becomes more crowded, brands must find ways of connecting more effectively online with wealthy consumers. After all, over 95% of a typical member’s week won’t be spent at the club.

So whether you’re considered the best-kept secret in London or you’re looking to become the next Soho House, we can offer you discrete access to aspirational and wealthy audiences in the UK and abroad through a tailored programme of work designed to engage with your existing and future wealth audiences.

Connecting with audiences through exclusive brand content builds a strong digital view on events, partnerships, F&B, hotel exclusives, and business alumni. According to GWI, HNWs are significantly more likely to purchase when they feel a brand is offering them exclusivity.

Talk to us to find out how we can design and develop highly targeted digital programmes to draw HNW audiences into your exclusive and unique brand story.

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