Luxury Programmatic

We have a variety of platforms at our disposal to help elevate luxury brand penetration.  From the use of DV360 (Google’s programmatic platform) through luxury partnerships with Crimtan and BlisMedia and other third parties. We chose the right relationships based on two criteria: 

  1. The luxury audience we can address – over 6 million monthly users in the UK on premium publications. We have an active black and white list to ensure that your content is only delivered against publications and brands that reflect your luxury customers’ values.
  2. We only work with premium experiential and visually stunning formats.  We know that engagement rates are driven from around 0.2% on typical programmatic buys (for FMCG) through to around 4% for luxury brands using our approach to content delivery. Enabling us to excel brand penetration for your campaign.

We can execute this globally, and have extensive knowledge of some of the wealthiest markets from America (over 6 million HNWI) through to Europe – with Monaco, Switzerland, and Luxembourg offering some of the strongest densities of wealth – on to the Middle East and key territories in Asia, India, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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