Luxury Wealth Management

Having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious players in the wealth management market, including Waverton, Cater Allen, Fidelity Premium Services, and Abrdn, we understand the digital marketing challenges for a business bound by strong compliance obligations. However, this doesn’t stop the desire to tap into the behaviours and tastes of wealth and HNW audiences in order to grow market share.

Luxury digital marketing for wealth management companies

We help private banks and wealth managers understand the needs of their digital transformation programmes to be able to build long-term engagement with their clients through all digital changes and technology. 

Not just for immediate portfolio growth, but how they can build strong, long-lasting relationships, rich in value, throughout their life cycle, while enabling wealth managers to extend personalisation and tap directly into the needs of their clients.

At Giant Leap, we look at digital programmes holistically. This means we consider the full client journey from the initial contact through digital media to how your website can offer a better user experience, to how we can capture personalised intent through your CRM. On to campaigns and brand elevation through digital and traditional media, ensuring you have a strong backbone of data to understand the progress across all your channels.

Additionally, we look at how you can build the right content once you have a client in your wealth management programme, giving them the information they need, when they need it, helping to make both informed financial decisions while also servicing their personal needs as their wealth grows.

Globally there are around 10,000 private banks with many residing in the US, UK, and Switzerland. Our consultancy model enables us to gear up teams quickly in different locations while providing senior experts across the digital marketing disciplines to support the project’s needs.

If you’re looking for support in understanding the wealth consumer and driving much better value from your existing activity, please get in touch with Giant Leap today.

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