Luxury content

Luxury content really sits at the heart of our engagement with the wealth consumer.

You can build the most sophisticated media delivery programmes, but if the creative is poor or not fit for the platform or audience, you’re never going to drive the right results.

Having worked with luxury brands such as The Ritz, Jumeirah, and Aston Martin, we know how to build content that resonates with the luxury consumer.

We take the time to understand the needs of the audience, and how this plays into the platforms and trends that will deliver optimum results for your messaging and content.

We know that, compared to the wider market, luxury brands have in the region of 300-500% uplift in their engagement due to desirability, kudos, and exclusivity. This plays a critical role in how luxury brands can drive cut through against not only their competitors but the wider digital landscape.

We specialise in putting the consumer at the heart of this journey asking:

  • What would make this audience really pay attention?
  • How does this fulfil their needs?
  • How does this make them feel or react to what’s currently in the market?

This nuanced approach enables us to tap into the right sentiment for your wealth audiences.

Once understood, we can then deliver an end-to-end service. From storyboarding, talent management, and full video or photo shoots, through to post production and ensuring this fits well within your media. – whether out of home or in the digital space.

Want to discuss how our content can bring your luxury brand story to life? Please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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