Luxury owned media

Owned media is any media that you own. For example, your website, customer data, and your brand’s social media profiles etc. Owned media is anything that you have direct control over without having to pay a third party.

We often talk to luxury brands about how they can better utilise their owned media to a much greater degree.  

Owned media is low cost (as you own it and therefore don’t need to pay a third party) and there are a large variety of additional capabilities that can be brought to bear before you start to pay media platforms, PR, publishers etc for additional visibility.

Our owned Media services

Luxury content really sits at the heart of our engagement with the luxury consumer.

You can build the most sophisticated media delivery programmes, but if the creative is poor or not fit for the platform or audience, you’re never going to drive the right results.


We often find that luxury brands sit behind the curve when it comes to maximising the possibilities of their CRM programmes.

In the FMCG and highstreet retail, this is a central part of marketing investment. While the outreach is relatively low cost, typical retailers will see CRM make up 40-50% of their digital revenues; investing in skills to highly tailor this pays large dividends.

HNW and UHNW audiences have justifiably high expectations when it comes to luxury brands and the user experience.

We know that information about luxury products and services must be clear, accessible, and give clear sign posts as to the key actions we want the user to take.

Data is such a broad topic that we often think a data analyst can perform any task related to it. Configuring Google Tag Manager? Visualising trends in Tableau? Analysing business data to inform your next marketing campaign? All these examples and so many more require different skills. To have an in-house team to cover such a broad skill set comes with a large overhead.

While we might not be the only consultancy that offers first-class web development and management services, we are the only company globally that flips this on its head to develop a strong visual identity that puts your website at the core of your business. We build websites that drive your business forward with revenue growth as a key KPI. 

We have done this across some of the world’s largest flagship luxury brands both in the UK and US but also across the world, building local content creators in new markets, with a centralised strategy that’s managed and reported from the UK. This includes The Middle East, Asia (Japan, China, and Korea), and European markets (Germany, France, Italy, and Spain).  

We work with some of the world’s leading luxury brands to do this in an engaging and authentic manner, from luxury automotivehotelsfashion, private jets, and superyachts through to wealth management and private banks.  

Luxury owned media FAQs

We understand that owned media is fundamental to any digital development. It is the cheapest and most effective way to communicate with your luxury audiences. It also has the highest engagement. As the audience are already brand advocates, we see some 6-7 fold increases on engagement compared to non-luxury brands.

Ensuring a carefully curated, tied up strategy between the various owned channels (digital and otherwise) is key. This builds the right foundation for pulling in brand interest through elevated experiences with the brand your audience knows and loves.

First of all, you must make sure your brand understands the needs of your luxury consumers.

While pushing a brand message has its place, a far more engaging approach is to understand the values and needs of your community.

Values such as history, pedigree, personalisation, exclusivity, ethics, and craftsmanship are commonplace across luxury audiences. However, there are also specific nuances within different wealth brackets that need to be understood.

Alongside this, your content must suit the channel and the identity of your target audience. Polished, elevated, comms work well for the luxury consumer, but if we’re using reactionary channels such as TikTok or Twitter, the content should be playful and fast-paced to avoid slowing down the conversation.

With digital, everything is trackable. However, we often find that our clients' analytics or data tagging has lapsed or is in a poor condition. This can cause errors to occur in the data and problems such as double counting of sales or users.

We have a highly experienced data team who can clean this up and ensure that all the data marries together. More than this, they can incorporate advanced insights to give clear, real time understanding of active campaigns, ensuring we drive the best performance from our media investment.

We are a performance agency at heart, therefore we’re driven to make sure our campaigns deliver tangible business results. Both across digital media but also where we impact traditional media, we ensure accurate measurement of our omnichannel campaigns. This is then built into our econometric modelling to ensure all stakeholders understand the impact of our activity.

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