Luxury Social Media Strategy

Before starting a project with our clients, we look to ensure that the right social strategy is in place. 

This is key to developing the right content for your audience, but more than this it helps us understand which channels we should be in, the frequency of posting, what conversation we should create, which influencers we should engage, which industries, communities, and partners we should connect with.

Therefore our research starts with understanding the landscape we are operating in. By undertaking this structured approach it ensures that we help to build the right approach and maximise the opportunities for your luxury brand on social.  A few of the key question we’ll answer include:

  • What are your competitors doing?  
  • What’s working well?  
  • What conversations are your community interested in?  
  • What content, messaging, and music will resonate?

We also know that luxury audiences appreciate brands that build a relationship for the long-term. Therefore incorporating good quality content about the brand, its values, its projects, and its support of broader initiatives, e.g. charities, sustainability, and partnerships is key.

We dig into each social channel to understand the opportunities and then pull this together with the ambitions of your brand to help design the right approach, visual identity, TOV, and content needs.  

A cohesive luxury social media strategy is then presented to your brand as well as the wider digital team.

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