Luxury Social Media Management

We offer end-to-end social media management for luxury brands across all major platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.  

Our teams of luxury social media experts also monitor wider platforms, for example, BeReal, WeAre8, and Snapchat to look for trends and gather insights to inform our programmes.

We look to build the right strategy for each brand we work with, so our engagement levels, content direction, and creative needs are bespoke to suit each client’s social media strategy. 

We also look to undertake scheduling, posting, channel management, and community engagement as well as building your channel by finding ‘like’ communities to engage with. This might be other businesses, influencers, or communities.

Our goal is to raise your profile, offer customer support (if needed), improve the content and visual identity around your brand, and ensure you’re maximising news jacking and other social trends that are relevant to your brand.


Due to the fact that most social platforms today are ‘pay to play’, we aim to maximise your engagement through boosting some of your organic activity.

This helps us to reach your current audience and raise awareness around key posts that have strong community engagement. Without using this approach, it would only be possible to reach around 0.5-3% of your brand’s community.

We often use this tactically alongside paid social media, so we can unify promotions and campaigns. These are then interspersed with boosted organic content to ensure we have a wider content pool to keep your community up-to-date.


Luxury brand ambassadors are often split into two tribes:

Firstly, your own team. We work with brands to upskill their team to become effective luxury brand ambassadors online.  

They are the heart of what your business is about and can dramatically increase mentions and follows, as well as post lucrative content around broader brand activity.  

This means you end up with a whole company of people posting high quality content that will raise your brand awareness on channels like LinkedIn and Instagram.

We often work with our clients’ HR team to build this type of activity into PDP programmes and get teams to work towards rewards schemes based on the content they create. A win for luxury brands but also a win for your team as they increase their own personas online.

Secondly, flagship celebrities. Working with them, and using their influence and presence to reach new audiences.  These ambassadors have large reach and strong influence on social channels and we can look to harness this on behalf of your brand.

Often these programmes are supported by wider smaller influencers but with a key celebrity or star influencer at the forefront of the campaign.

At Giant Leap, we handle the end-to-end management from finding the right luxury personality, through to negotiating with their agents and developing the right ideation for the partnership.

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