Luxury social media services

Social media is a hugely powerful marketing tool, hence our fully-managed social media service for luxury brands.

We manage your organic profile and integrate it with paid social media campaigns to ensure consistency and maximum performance. We are after all, a luxury performance consultancy that understands how to maximise your business KPIs.

We spend time exploring how wealth audiences consume content and have dedicated creative teams who build digital journeys for this demographic, encompassing creative, social trends, and music.

As with all our work, this is underpinned with strong data in order to benchmark the performance of our campaigns, adapt and learn for the future, and drive the best value.

We invest heavily in data and in the quality of our creative media to cut through the noise, delivering premium content with clear messaging.

We invest time and budget to understand the landscape of tomorrow to engage your audience with next generation media as well as creative that meets both the needs of your audience and your platforms. From the expansion of TikTok and BeReal, to the Metaverse, we have experts whose sole focus is to test and understand the impact of these platforms for luxury brands.

Our best of breed social media experts ensure your media is suited to whichever platforms your audiences most engage with, while our data scientists ensure targeting is rigorously tested for maximum impact.

For luxury brands with physical stores, this extends to optimising your Google Business Profile too. We treat it as a ‘social media platform within search’ due to its growing influence in that space. Our research into the value of a local Google Business Profile can be found here.

Our social Media services

Crafting a bespoke social media strategy is our foundation for success. We delve deep into your brand’s landscape, from understanding competitors to identifying community interests. With a focus on quality content and long-term relationships, we tailor each channel to maximize opportunities for your luxury brand. The result? A cohesive strategy that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand’s digital presence.

Elevate your luxury brand’s social presence across all major platforms. Our experts craft tailored strategies, manage content, and engage with communities. From scheduling to trend-spotting, we’ve got you covered.

Unlock brand potential with influencers for targeted reach and credibility. From niche to industry stars, we find the perfect partners. Our tailored approach ensures on-brand content that resonates with both your community and theirs.

social media FAQs

Wealth audiences want to engage with brands that resonate with their values, so the creative has to be elevated and premium, and the messaging must be on point and speak their language. This means working closely with the in-house brand guardians to get the right consistent look and feel of the brand for the digital platform. All our consultants come from a luxury brand background so this puts us in a great position to deliver social media management and strategy that you can trust to elevate your brand.

HNW audiences are present on most of the popular social media platforms, but depending on the campaign’s objectives, we might look at different platforms. TikTok wouldn’t be the right choice for a luxury brand aimed at older generations. However, our consultants are experts in understanding the right strategy across the social space to attract the right wealth audience for your brand, using first party data, lookalikes, and building advanced audiences with our data partners to deliver multi-platform campaigns.

The power of social media goes beyond building out audiences to target across all social platforms. It has an impact on brand, search, email, programmatic, and PR. Our strategists are on hand to ensure all activity considers not just the channel of execution but the wider benefits to other channels too.

Giant Leap offers multiple digital services, one of which is social media. We’re a performance agency at heart so we’re strongly driven by targets and ensuring we track business goals against our activity. For us, social covers all aspects, including organic management, paid promotions, and influencer or brand ambassadors across the full suite of social channels.

Yes, we have an extensive list of influencers we work with to amplify luxury brands via social media.

Our consultants are all hugely experienced professionals who come from the luxury space, both agency-side and in-house. Our strategists have a wealth of brand experience and our creative team ensures that assets are stunning, on-brand, and consistent across multiple social platforms.

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