SEO PR for Luxury Brands

One of the key signals Google looks at to give you the right domain and content authority is your site backlinks (websites that are connected to you). This  gives Google clear signals around what you see as important. 

However, over time, these links can become irrelevant as you grow, or as bots find your site and connect to you. Therefore, we start by cleaning up irrelevant ‘poor quality’ backlinks by disavowing them.

The second step is to find existing good quality links that have become ‘broken’. This might be because the content has moved or the publisher providing the link has changed its site structure. We work quickly to fix these broken links and reinstate the lost authority for your site.

Lastly, we need new, good quality links from different, complementary websites in your luxury field of expertise. This involves us reaching out to blogs, news sites, and industry domains to offer relevant content in return for a link back to the key content we’re looking to promote. 

Unlike traditional PR, we’re not necessarily looking to get the content listed on bigger publisher sites, although sometimes this can be a nice side effect. While this service actually complements traditional PR, our key goal from this activity is to build domain authority and a prominent listing for the hero or hub content on Google.

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