Employer brand

Ensuring your values and employer value proposition speak clearly and in a way that show both employees – and equally importantly, talent – why your organisation is the best place for them to be.

We look to really get under the skin of your brand and understand what you stand for, what are your values and HR policies.  How does this benefit your employees and the wider community?


We then work with you to put together a comms programme - this might be to help improve satisfaction amongst your teams, or it might be to help drive value against your competitors and bring in new talent.

It is about knowing your audience, and speaking in a language that is authentic and encompasses your beliefs, while showcasing your personality and benefits of why you are the right brand for potential employees to want to gravitate towards.

Thinking about how your audience will want to consume your content, will it be on your website, in social media perhaps traditional print is a stronger medium for your community?

We often talk to luxury digital brands about building their values out across high impact media such as video, this can then be shared internally and externally, while the key message of what the business is looking to do is easily digestible and easy to reference.

At Giant Leap we have a team of data scientists and analytics experts that can help ensure that your content is tagged and set up correctly in your analytics platform. We can make sure that the content is assigned the appropriate targets and success measured against it, we can also look to integrate this into your econometrics model so the wider business can value its impact.

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