Brand strategy

Having worked with some of the world’s leading luxury brands (including Richemont, Kerring, Las Vegas Sands, and IHG/Intercontinental to name just a handful), our brand experts know how to develop and enhance world class brands to speak to HNW audiences. 

Understanding how and where to optimise your brand narrative, without damaging your reputation or credibility, is central to our approach. 

As a performance agency we approach this differently to traditional agencies who use interviews and panel discussions across different cohorts based on your brand vision. This has two problems. One, it’s a small sample size. Two the brand is inferring who the audience might be from the start, which can lead to campaigns that have no relationship to who your customer REALLY is.

We reverse all of this and actually look at the data and not just from small sample sets but across the whole internet. We start with your web traffic and social data, is your real audience who you think it might like it to be. We then look at your competitors to understand if their audiences match what we have found or if there are different nuances and why.

From this we can build statistical strong archetypes and then match this across your CRM or 1st Party data to understand the digital programme that would be right for each audience persona.

This is the wholly grail of all marketers - to develop one to one communications with your audience, no matter who they are.

But with the advent of AI this vision is fast becoming a reality. We not only have the ability today to tell one brand story in multiple ways to each of our five or six archetypes.

But we can now understand behaviour, interest, values, history, buying behaviour in real time and can craft communications and digital journeys to match the needs of our audience all in real time. Hugely powerful for luxury brand who are keen to develop deeper relationships with their community.

Make sure your brand understands the needs of your luxury community.
While pushing a brand message has its place, a far more engaging approach is to understand the values and needs of your community.

We know some common ones that are appropriate for different wealth brackets. From brand affiliation for aspiration wealth consumers through to silent luxury for UHNW.

But there are alot of values such as; history, pedigree, personalisation, exclusivity, ethics, craftsmanship that have common place across our cohorts.

Alongside this you need to make sure that the comms fits the channel and the identity of your community - polished, elevated, comms works well, but also if we are using reactionary channels such as TikTok or Twitter then we want to comms to be playful and fast pace over the polished finish that can slow down the conversation.

At Giant Leap we like to push the envelope and challenge our luxury brands to be at the forefront of new and emerging technology.

We have launched flagship british designers on TikTok and generated over 3 billion views. We have built stores in the metaverse for fragrance brands and tied the online activation with money you can’t buy real world experiences.

We stay ahead of the trends so you don’t have to.

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