Brand activation

We showcase your brand in distinctive and creative ways through a combination of brand activation and experiences, to ensure you stay front of mind in the battle for customer attention and preference. 

A deep understanding of the channels, devices, platforms, and locations your audiences spend their time, means we can launch, promote, or drive maximum PR engagement around your brand. Thus ensuring your message, and how you want to position the brand, resonates with your target market. 

At Giant Leap this is the cornerstone of everything we do. We lead how luxury brands develop their digital transformation journey’s and how they can develop strategies across all partners and activations they look to undertake. We innovate how brands can make both commercial and brand goals align and drive strong business performance.

We do this by understanding, in detail, how wealth consumers act online, we then develop detailed campaigns to drive best value from our activity globally.

We always start with the creative ideation for a campaign. We love videos and immersive digital executions across social and on your website. We always want our campaign to resonate with your wealth audience while pushing their values and creatively pushing your brand.

We look to tailor what we are developing to each of your luxury cohorts so that the execution and digital journeys are personalised to their needs, while offering you enhanced opportunities to collect data on their behaviours that can then power future campaigns.

This always comes back to strong project management and using senior team members to make sure that the project is planned out well and that the various elements link together seamlessly.

We always build in flexibility so that if issues arise then we can handle their impact without disrupting the whole campaign.

Our team will map out a RACI document for complicated projects, so that it's clear who takes on what responsibility within the project both client and agency side.

It's using this ironclad approach that makes sure that we meet the needs of our high demanding clients.

With digital, everything is trackable, however we often find that our clients' analytics or data tagging has lapsed or is in a poor condition, these mean errors occur in the data and we can see things like double counting of sales or users.

We have a highly experienced data team that can clean this up and ensure that all the data marries together. More than this they can build in advanced insights so that when we are running activity we can clear real time understanding that we can act on to drive best performance from our media Investment.

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